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Adult Steppers Spring Break Miami 2012
Adult Steppers Spring Break 2012 – Review
Well it’s been just over 10 days since the wrap up of the Adult Steppers Spring Break 2012 event that was held in Miami. And yes, Steppers are still talkin’ about how much fun they had in Miami, Florida and talkin’ about how they will be there again next year. So, what made this event so great, so noteworthy?  The Hospitality, The Workshops, The Food,  The Value and The Fun.   
The Hospitality – Standing Ovation goes to “Miami Steve” Brown. When you think of sincere Hospitality one can’t help but to think of this guy. Greeted with a smile and a hug, “Miami Steve’s” warm personality is infectious. Snapping Mobile uploads with all the beautiful ladies as they arrived, set the tone for a fun filled, laid back weekend. Yes, people do remember how you made them feel, and “Miami Steve” was successful at making people feel that he was excited that they were at the Adult Steppers Spring Break. And it wasn’t just “Miami Steve”, all the hosts involved with this event were personable, pleasant and positive, Tyra Baker, Linda Etienne, Yolanda Watson, Bobbi Thomas and Ekisha Turner, tied everything together, no evidence of egos; I witnessed what appeared to be effortless teamwork!
The Workshops -Thank You, Thank You, Thank You Raishima “Roz”Wilkins, Keshia James, Ted Williams, Dontae McCoy, Reggie Handy all of DRD Productions. I attended the Advanced Beginners class as well as the Combinations/Turns and Spins Class. Both of those classes were packed, actually the most people I’ve ever seen in a workshop. And in spite of the overwhelming number of attendees DRD Productions did an awesome job making sure individuals were paired in the appropriate section that matched their dance skill level. The Instructors were genuinely friendly and drill focused, I definitely got my money’s worth and left both sessions feeling like I didn’t get ripped off! Shout Out to Ted Williams, his patience for me, the Class Clown, and the rest of my Steppin’ Classmates was endearing.
The Food - Delicious! The Saturday Night Main event had a three course Meal (Salad, Entrée and Dessert) and every morsel was fantastic! Steppers had a choice between Chicken and Salmon. I selected the Salmon on a bed of Pasta, and it was tender, moist and flavorful, a restaurant quality dish. For Dessert, guests were served Tiramasu, although I had just one bite it was actually really good. The highlight of the Meal was the huge slice of Red Velvet cake I purchased for only $4 on my way into the event. Thumbs up  goes to 3D Homemade Cakes. Creamy, extra moist, not too sweet and just the right blend of pecans had my mouth screaming YUMMY!!! 
The Value – Dena Moore-Morrison, Event Coordinator for this Event, you are a Maverick! For $65, Steppers got (1) Workshop of Their Choice, (3) Parties Friday, Saturday and Sunday (1) 3 Course Meal on Saturday Night and an all you can eat Buffet Breakfast on Sunday Morning, that included Fruit and Juice! Incredible People, absolutely incredible! I would love for her to join my Professional Sales Team because clearly she understands the concept of providing added Value! At the end of the day, people want to know that they had a great time and didn’t break the bank in the process of doing so. Dena has proven it can be done, so my level of expectation has changed.  I will now question how much I spend for a Steppin Event versus the added value I can expect to receive in return.  To be able to provide an awesome Steppin Weekend and after all the partying the Adult Steppers Spring Break Group managed to set aside $2900 to Donate to the Verterans Services to help the homeless, the people chant Miami...Miami...Miaimi! Speechless!

The Fun- Yeah, it did rain and yeah it did rain a lot.  Yes, the line for the Sunday Brunch was a tab bit long. But there was still fun to be had! Everywhere you looked, people were socializing, meeting new people, catching up with old friends. In the pool, on the Beach, Shopping, Out to Dinner, it’s Miami! If someone did come to this Steppin’ Event and didn’t have a great time, shame on you!
-Stepper Sharp!
Click on the link Below and Please Be Patient - Photos are the handiwork of Bobbi Thomas!

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